About Us

Armadora agricultur stands out as a brand that does not compromise on quality in every machine it has produced since 2012 and adopts perfection in all stages from production to after-sales service with its customer-oriented understanding. The HMB excellence adventure, which started in 2012, continues steadily with its expert employees in a production field equipped with high-level technologies. HMB produces high quality products and technologies that do not compromise on quality with the latest technology used in its products and its production understanding in accordance with international quality standards. With the responsibility of being one of the leading brands in the sector, HMB closely follows the developments in the world of technology, and receives the reward of its devoted efforts in the R&D department as a brand that brings innovations to the sector, makes its customers happy and provides superior performance experience. Armadora agricultur has made a difference in the sector with its products that make a name with their quality and became one of the brands that give confidence in a short time. It continues to increase its success, which it has achieved with its renewed technology and expanding product range.



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